Understanding the Fertilizer Industry in India

  • 8/16/2021

Fertilizers have played an essential role in Indian agricultural production, providing vital nutrients for crops. Learn more about this key industry and how demand for these products has kept increasing over the years.

The Indian Fertilizer Market

India imports various types of fertilizers and raw materials, whereas it also produces other types of complex/compound fertilizers. Urea, Mono Ammonium Phosphate (MAP), rock phosphate, sulfur, Di Ammonium Phosphate (DAP), NPK, NPS, MOP (Muriate of Potash), Single superphosphate (SSP), Triple Super Phosphate (TSP) are the top ones to have in mind.

In India, the market for purchasing fertilizers (through tenders) is split between the Government and private buying companies:

  • Three companies served the Indian Government for its urea purchases from overseas: MMTC, NFL, and RCF. Cotecna is among the few companies that can provide inspection services for these Government tenders.
  • Leading private players are IPL, IFFCO, CIL, CHAMBAL, ZUARI, MCFL, KRIBHCO, SHRIRAM, and DEEPAK Fertilizers.

In the market, Cotecna offers specialized inspection and testing services covering all types of dry and liquid mineral fertilizers in both bulk and bagged form. Our teams are able to work at every stage of the supply chain, from plant to port. As a member of the International Fertilizer Industry Association (IFA), we are committed to helping clients trade securely and with confidence worldwide. In 2018, Cotecna acquired Shiva Analyticals: the leading Indian laboratory that provides solutions across numerous sectors, including the fertilizers industry.

Fertilizer Sector Challenges and Prospects

The fertilizers market in India is expecting a robust growth during the forecast period due to the continuous development of population that results in more demand for food, coupled with increasing demand for agricultural products in the country.

India is rich in agricultural lands, being one of the world’s top producers of agricultural products such as pulses, wheat, rice, groundnut, potatoes & onion, leading to high demand for fertilizer products. The Government of India focuses on providing necessary support to the farmers through different schemes, such as giving access to new technologies or fertilizers at subsidized rates.

Moreover, the expansion of fertilizers production capacities in India and the increase of Government initiatives to reduce the imports of fertilizers should boost the domestic fertilizer market in the coming years.

On the other hand, manufacturers in this industry should continue to face some challenges, including:

  • Heavy Imports due to insufficient domestic production
  • Raw material availability and pricing
  • Lack of long-term and stable policies

About Cotecna

Cotecna provides testing, inspection, and certification services to facilitate trade and make supply chains more efficient for its clients. Founded in Switzerland in 1974, this family-owned business has grown to become a world-class international player with over 5000 employees in more than 150 offices and labs across approximately 50 countries. Its trusted network of professionals and certified & accredited laboratories provide expertise across some key sectors: agriculture & food, minerals, metals & fertilizers, government & trade, and general cargo.

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