Agriculture and Food Inspection

Our comprehensive range of services for agricultural commodities can help you to mitigate risk on contractual and regulatory obligations, ensure customer satisfaction and deliver peace of mind.

Agriculture and food are the most important industries in the world. Consumers desire assurance on food safety, quality and correct quantity at every stage in the supply chain process, from farm to fork.

We inspect cargo before shipment to ensure your goods conform to regulatory and contractual requirements. We check the condition of a vessel's hatch for suitability in order to reduce the risk of cargo getting damaged during transit. We supervise the discharge of liquid cargo, as well as container stuffing and destuffing, in order to protect shippers from quantity and quality claims from buyers.

Cotecna also offers services to monitor quality and quantity during procurement, and the testing of agricultural commodities through our network of state-of-the-art laboratories, which are ISO 17025 accredited.

Full list of Agricultural Services
  • Pre-shipment Inspection
  • Vessel Loading and Unloading Supervision
  • Vessel Discharge Supervision of Liquid Cargo
  • Delivery Supervision
  • Container Stuffing and Destuffing Supervision
  • Hatch & Tank Inspection
  • Sampling & Analysis at Procurement Centers
  • Rake (railway wagons) Loading and Unloading Supervision
  • Stock Audit and Stock Monitoring
  • Plant Operation Supervision
  • Packing Supervision
  • Laboratory Testing Services
  • Quality Audit / Second Party Audit
  • Crop Survey to Estimate Acreage, Production and Yield of Targeted Crop

Key Benefits

  • Leading inspection company with a global network and a highly experienced and qualified workforce
  • Consistent, reliable, and independent services with a strong focus on business ethics and compliance
  • International accreditations and memberships.
  • Accurate and reliable results, with minimal hassle and a fast turnaround time (TAT)
  • Real-time reporting through Edox
  • A one-stop-solution approach to assurance for the agriculture and food supply-chain¬†

Product Infosheets

For more information about our services for key agricultural products, please download our infosheets below:

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Accreditation and Membership Certificates

Cotecna is an international inspection and testing company with recognised certifications and accreditations, and is a member of key agricultural organisations, such as GAFTA, FOSFA etc.

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