Minerals and Metals Inspection

We deliver independent inspection and testing services throughout the supply chain for a wide range of commodities, such as coal and coke, ore and minerals, metals, scrap, fertilizers, oil and chemical products.

Cotecna India is a leading provider of testing, inspection and certification services. With speed and accuracy, our inspection teams help clients verify contractual conformity for a comprehensive range of commodities, facilitating trade and making supply chains safer and more efficient.

We aim at delivering high-quality and timely services at competitive prices, and are recognised as one of the most efficient and fast-growing quality companies in India. Our highly reactive network of experts and laboratories enable clients to verify product conformity and reduce risk.

We have a team of unmatched global experts and certified laboratories strategically located across the country, who apply industry approved standards and methodologies. Our adaptability and agility enable us to provide clients with seamless solutions to quality control challenges.

Activities include pre-shipment quality control, supervision and inspection of vessels at loading and discharge, and testing and analysis of samples.

Full list of Minerals and Metals Services
  • Trade & Inspection Services - Pre-shipment Inspection
  • Vessel loading & discharge supervision
  • Rake & Truck loading & unloading supervision
  • Sampling and Sample preparation
  • Quality Inspection
  • Quantity assessment
  • Settlement & umpire analytical services
  • Logistic supervision
  • Inventory management
  • Tank Inspection for cleanliness
  • Bunker surveys
  • Draft survey of the Vessel/barge
  • Hatch & Holds Inspection
  • Stuffing & de-Stuffing Inspection
  • Weighing supervision
  • E-reporting and E-certificates

Key Benefits

Working with Cotecna, customers benefit from:

  • A vast network in mining and transportation hubs
  • Technology, expertise and project management support
  • A vast network of laboratory services
  • Specialist, tailor-made services at competitive rates
  • Unique solutions to individual challenges with accountability
  • Rapid response at all inspection stages through a single window service

Our added-value in India:

  • One of the largest domestic coal inspection company
  • A trustred partner of the most important Indian state-owned and private companies
  • An extensive network of operational units
  • ISO 17025 NABL accredited laboratories

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