Verification of Conformity

Our VOC service helps exporters ensure that their consignments comply with local importing regulations, avoiding potential fines and delays, and achieving faster customs clearance.

Verification of Conformity (VOC) programmes are compulsory mechanisms required by Governments to verify goods before they are shipped to ensure they meet the required quality and safety standards of the importing country.

For importers and exporters, this requires ensuring that their products are correctly classified and certified in order to be approved for clearance.

Our VOC Services include:

  • Guiding the exporter throughout the entire certification process
  • Documentary checks
  • Conformity assessment in the exporting country, including physical inspection and testing in accredited laboratories
  • Issuance of a Certificate of Conformity (COC) or Certificate of Inspection (COI) required for customs clearance

Our VOC programmes

We operate in the following countries:

Key Benefits

Our programmes provide numerous advantages for both governments as well as exporters and importers.

For governments, we help to:

  • Eliminate customs bottlenecks in importing country
  • Reduce storage issues at ports
  • Guarantee all imported products are compliant with international and local standards
  • Reinforce consumer safety
  • Build local customs competencies through training and capacity building programmes
  • Ensure conformity with WTO Technical Barriers to Trade agreement

For exporters / importers, we help to:

  • Provide faster customs clearance
  • Reduce need for local laboratory analysis or additional testing
  • Offer better consumer protection against dangerous, substandard or counterfeit products
  • Protect local industry from unfair competition due to poor quality imports

Exporter Guides

For more information about a specific VOC programme, please download the relevant Exporter Guide below.

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